Mommy and Me Baby Milestone Session

Meshach and his beautiful mama came to see me for some Mommy and Me photos. This a new session iI’m offering. That connection between mom and baby is extremely special especially when they are still so little. At this session we do normal portraits, feeding photos ( optional), candids of interacting with your little one, etc. These are a great opportunity to freeze that baby stage that we all love so much.

We also took the opportunity during this session to capture Meshach’s 6 month milestone pictures. Sitter ( 6-9 month) sessions are my favorite. This age is so smiley!! I schedule the session when baby is able to sit up unassisted. This allows me to do a variety of different poses to captures baby and the milestone they are reaching! The chubby thighs and cheeks are always a plus!

At their reveal/ ordering appointment Marbel got to see all her images on a slideshow and choose her favorites. She was so excited and in love with her pictures! I love the images she chose!!