Logan’s session

I loved this theme! With cake smashes the sky is the limit when it comes to themes. We played around with some ideas for this little guy but his mom ended up picking the watermelon theme since he’s a summer baby. It was perfect and was the best theme for Logan since he loves watermelon. He loved the watermelon portion maybe even little more than the cake. One of his family members made a natural applesauce cake and everything was dyed with strawberries. Fun fact most babies during cake smashes are not too fond of their cake. The icing is a shocker to them especially if they have never had sweets before. In my prep guide I always recommend to introduce a little taste of cake before the session to prepare them. I will also have my parents dig into the cake a little bit that way baby is getting the cake part and not all icing.

After the smash we moved to the splash portion on the session. This is always one of my favorite parts and these kids go crazy in the bath! If my studio isn’t flooded after the session it’s hard to call it a cake smash. These bathtub pictures get the best smiles!

It took 13 watermelons to make this set!!

The biggest smiles come from the splash portion!