Billy’s Session

Julie reached out to me as soon as she found she was pregnant! I’ve had a few clients do that and it’s a huge honor for me to be one of the firsts to know. Julie decided to not find out the baby’s gender until baby was born. She was so excited when Miss Billy was born. Her oldest is a boy Theo and he is the best big brother.

Theo was asking me the whole session if he could take a picture. I’m always willing to teach kids about photography. Theo though was actually very interested in not only talking the picture but posing as well. He came up to me and asked to take a picture while I was holding his sister and was telling me “ now look this way” “ okay now smile here.” It was the sweetest thing and definitely one of my favorite moments that I will always remember.

I can’t wait tot see their forgoes fine art album and canvas come in! It’s going to be beautiful!