Elian’s studio 6 month session

Elian is apart of my Grow with Me Baby Plan! Which means I’ve gotten to see this sweet boy at maternity, newborn, 3 month, sitter ( 6-8 months), and our last session will be 1 year cake smash. What’s fun about this family Elian’s parents are dressing him up in a job they have previously done for each month picture. His 3 month was a chef and 6 month was mariachi. He will be a plumber at his 1 year session and I can’t wait!

Sitter sessions are done at 6-8 months to show baby’s sitting unassisted milestone. Not only do I get a picture of them sitting up, but this is also the time when many of them are grabbing their toes when laying down. It’s adorable and definitely my favorite photo to get.