Why it’s important to be in your baby’s photos?

I always ask during the inquiry process if your wanting family, parent, and sibling photos. Everyone is so quick to jump on sibling photos, but it so important to have a picture with your baby during this special short time. This is why I include sibling, parent, and family photos in newborn and maternity sessions at no additional cost. This is a special time you all should be celebrating! When you are looking back at these photos years from now you are going to be so glad you have a picture of you with your baby. Especially at newborn sessions baby is only that small for a short amount of time so this way you get to freeze that precious moment in time to treasure forever.

I have many parents who mention skipping the family portion. I know it sounds stressful, but I promise it’s not. Not only am I a baby whisperer, but my main goal is to get your children’s genuine smiles to come out. Trust me I’ll do anything for a smile! Many times I leave sessions COVERED in stickers soon my face, shirt, anywhere that’s visible haha. It will be entertaining for your whole family! To make your life even more stress free I include professional hair and makeup at BOTH your maternity and newborn session!