Children portrait photography

I’ve been seeing these sweet girl’s since Marci was in her mom’s belly a few months ago! Marci is apart of my 1 year package. My 1 year package captures all your babies precious milestones including newborn, 3 month, sitter ( 6-9 months), and 1 year/cake smash. Marci did amazing for her individuals! I always have parents who are concerned when their child isn’t cooperating. All babies are different. During the session there is a lot of stimulation and baby needs to take breaks. We will always stop and give abby the chance to be held and walked around away from the studio and feeding breaks are always a must. I promise even if it doesn’t feel like we got anything, we definitely did. During the sibling portion of this session Marci’s sister Lala was tired and not having it. I ended up taking the girls pictures separately, so the other sister not being photographed can take a break. I took both pictures and put them together in photoshop to make it look like they were in the picture together. We always schedule around nap times, but depending on baby that could not change anything. Marci ended up falling asleep while I was working with Lala. After her 5 minute power nap she was good to go and ended the session with lots of smiles!

Love this Fall set!

Mom was worried we didn’t get a sister image! I think this one is a winner <3