Cake Smash

So it’s your baby’s First Birthday? Where did that year go? Sleepless nights, coo’s and giggles, rolling over-sitting-crawling-walking, driving you nuts, then making your heart burst with happiness! It’s been an entire year since you labored to bring this sweet baby into the world and you are both still alive and well! This is a huge milestone for you both! So celebrate in a way that will preserve your child this way FOREVER!

Celebrate your child’s first birthday by smashing some cake! Your child is officially a toddler at this point and beginning to show some serious personality! This makes for a fun session filled with glorious messes and precious laughter.

after the cake smash your child will get to play in the bathtub!

Don’t worry about all that cake everywhere! After the cake smash, we take a warm bath in a mini clawfoot tub to get your child cleaned up and ready for the ride home. The bath is another way to capture baby smiles and them playing in their element! Don’t forget your towel!

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